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Focus: TheBrand & The Product & The Audience

Focus and learn really well about your product and customer to understand why, when, where, and how your product or service will be needed. What does your product or service offer or what are the expectations of your audience from your brand? Finding and evaluating all of the aspects are important, but focusing on the right inferences is crucial.

Realize: The Market & The Competition & Points of Parities/Disparities**

Understanding the environment and all the factors that affect the market is the first step in the realization process. Where the market is going and where it came from. What are the threats, opportunities, and trends. What are the current needs, and who are the suppliers for those needs as competitors? What can you offer that is different from the competition, and what aspects can work for you according to the competitive environment?

Adjust: Unique Value Proposition & Culture & Category Entrance Point & Insight**

It takes a really fine adjustment to bring together your target audience and your brand on the same page. You need to define the culture behind the interaction between your target audience and the category. How can your brand penetrate that culture and what emotional benefits you may serve besides the functional or physical benefits. That brings us to finding an insight that we can offer something unique for that feeling. Adjusting all these dynamics together is very important to find what to say about your brand.

Mount: Reason to Believe & Motto & Story**

When you have something to tell about your brand you have to put it in a form that is easy to consume. You have to make it believable or better buyable. To tell something believable you have to give some facts or a background story. Storytelling is the key concept for communication and makes people believe in you and associate with your brand. After creating a believable story and supporting facts now you should be capable of telling your story in the easiest way possible, sometimes it can be as short as a motto.

Exhibit: The Actual Work & Channels - How to use them?**

You know what to say and how to say and now it is the time to convert all these inputs into a message form that is easy to understand for the target audience and in a different way. That needs creative work, materials and channels to reach the audience. Creating and implementing creative materials such as key visuals, banners, print ads, video copies etc. according to the channel you want to use. Each channel has its own dynamics so expertise on these channels is the key to create relevant creative material.

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